• WasteInklings is owned and operated by WebSnail which is in turn is owned and operated by me, Martin. It might sound like a big business empire but in reality WebSnail is a one man operation with the recent addition of a wife to act as PA, slave driver and general motivator.

    This site has sprung from the ContinuousInk.info forum which was originally intended to deal with, unsurprisingly, Continuous Ink Supply or CIS systems. As time has passed it’s become obvious that the issue of waste ink in inkjet printers needs its own space hence this site.


    Put simply this site will deal primarily with all things waste-ink, whilst delving into related areas in the world of Inkjet printing, thus, covering:

    • How to resolve waste ink related errors (such as “service required”)
      • Instructions on how to fit external waste collectors
      • Links and instructions on the various tools available to deal with waste ink or protection counters
    • Tips & Tricks on how to keep your printer running
    • Troubleshooting guides on a variety of related subjects
    • Environmental issues and proper disposal information
    • …and more…

    Overall the idea will be to produce quality, informative and easily understood resources on Inkjet printers and in particular how to keep them running.

    Copyright & Attribution

    Whilst many of the resources are branded and produced under my OctoInkjet brand, the information is freely available. Needless to say I retain copyright for resources published on this site, except where expressly indicated otherwise.

    Other sites are welcome to link back to resources provided attribution and copyright are acknowledged properly. I will certainly observe the same rules for all third party resources.

    Re-printing, distribution or otherwise rebranding of the resources here is only allowed with express written permission of the copyright owners.

    In short, please play fair, and give credit where due.

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