• Anyone with a brand new Epson printer like the Artisan 710, the PX810FW or the TX1100 will know that any of the supposed reset utilities for your printer will either not work at all or give a 21000068 error just when you think it’s working.

    The problem has been an increased level of protection being added to the utilities to stop them being useable if they get released into the public domain and whilst initial efforts by OrTHoTaMiNe were successful in unlocking utilities released between a year to 6 months ago, the approach used proved harder and harder to use.

    There’s Hope At Last

    Luckily it seems there have been a few other people working the problem from a completely different angle and there is now a new utility (well two to be exact) on the block.

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  • For the uninitiated, this is an introduction and guide on how to use the “AdjProg” utility that is often required to reset the waste ink counter on Epson inkjet printers.


    • How to run the program
    • Initial Settings
    • Things to avoid
    • How to read the current counter and what it means
    • Resetting the counter
    • Getting out of the utility
    • Warnings re: resetting and ignoring the waste ink

    This time I’ve covered the D88 printer but the RX685 and R1900 are also on my list for some point in the future.

    Low Quality/Resolution (see below for link to higher quality version)

    The high quality (800×600 resolution) version is available by clicking this link
    …or you can view the iPhone version

    My first vidcap tutorial on this subject was a bit long winded and harder to follow so I’ve learned how to keep it short and got it down to 4 minutes (ish) with my new version so hopefully it’s better as a result.

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  • It never fails to amaze just how little common sense is applied when it comes to the issue of the “Service Required” message on inkjet printers. We know it’s a technical device but ink is a fluid and a very messy one that doesn’t just give up physics because it’s in a printer?…

    The reason we say this is not because anyones IQ has suddenly disappeared into a vacuum, nor has anyones ability to discern the North Star in the middle of a hail storm, disappeared… No? No!… The reason I say this is because a significant proportion of you reading this article believe it is perfectly acceptable to reset a printers waste ink counter and think “Done!”

    But what about the ink?

    Erm… Hello! Resetting a couple of bits of data in a printers memory chip does not remove all the ink Read more…

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  • As with Vista, Windows 7 will not run most adjustment utilities without some help.

    This approach is currently untested as my Win7 machine is currently down for repair but hopefully it will prove useful and work…

    Compatibility Mode – Windows 7

    Note: In most cases you will want to run the program in Windows XP SP2 or SP3 mode

    If anyone manages to successfully use their adjustment utility/utilities on Windows 7 using this or another approach please do post a comment with any tips

    I will update this guide once my own Win7 machine is back up and working

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  • Over the past few months there’s been a slow increase in the number of complaints and gripes about the fact that the only way to reset many of the newest printer models is to purchase the official adjustment utilities from stores like 2manuals.com or via one or two sites based in South America

    The biggest complaint has been in relation to the way that the software has been locked down to specific computer hardware and a few people have hit problems when one or more components failed and had to be replaced. Usually this means the reset utility will no longer work…

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  • I had an object lesson and reminder about software security today when someone posted up a series of links to adjustment utilities for printers that a lot of you are looking for (ie: TX100, TX200, TX400, T10).

    A post on the SSCLG forum (the authors of the SSC utility) promised a number of “hacked” utilities that bypass the security built into the newer adjustment utilities for printers like the RX690 or T30.

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  • Two new (one updated) modification guides have now gone on-line, on the OctoInkjet site. So, if you have any of the printers below you can now get them fitted with an external waste kit and reset them too

    There’s still some resources pending including the RX680, RX685, RX690, and the R1900 so those will go online sometime next week, once I’ve resolved a few issues with image quality

    Update: You may have noted I managed to sneak in the RX680-RX690 guide tonight too… The man is just smokin’ hot today I tell ya 🙂

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  • I’ve been wanting to post this message for a VERY long time now so it’s a real sense of achievement and relief that I can unveil a new tool for locating detailed mod, waste ink and reset utility information for most (if not all) Epson Inkjet printers.

    The Tool

    This link will take you to the tool directly
    QuickFind Tool

    What Does it Provide

    The new tool allows you to locate the key “waste ink” information relating to your printer, specifically:

    1. Instructions for modifying your printer (if they exist)
    2. A waste counter reset utility (if available)
    3. Compatible waste kits
    4. Even the sales zone the printer came from

    The tool can now be found on its own page complete with introductory information and a guide on how to interpret the information it provides.

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  • Unfortunately there’s no easy way to break this but the simple fact is that, at present, there are no reset utilities available that will work on Mac or Unix/Linux/*nix operating system.

    Mac compatible utility now available

    Due to some development work by 2manuals there is now a reset utility that is compatible with Mac operating systems called the iWIC

    This new utility appears to have all the same compatibility as the WICReset (windows) utility although that’s currently unconfirmed.

    Click the appropriate link for more information about the iWIC and WICReset/iWIC key purchasing

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  • A newer vidcap tutorial/guide is also available

    Epson Adjustment Utilities are notoriously complicated and about as user friendly as the small print for a pre-nup’. Well, let’s be honest they are not intended to be used by untrained end-users but some of the instructions provided with these things have left a LOT to be desired.

    Until now!

    I’ve realised that support requests relating to these utilities are increasing so I’ve finally managed to put together a screencast tutorial to fill the void.

    The new tutorial shows a detailed run through of the whole process including date changing, clearing a few tell tale folders/registry entries, etc… I’ve even included a few “DO NOT!” warnings too…

    Feel free to tweet, email or otherwise spread this link: http://bit.ly/Ko6Dm remembering to credit wasteink.co.uk please!… and if you have any feedback please let me know.. but no comments about the “Erms“, and “Ah’s“… This voice over stuff is not that easy!

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