• Epson R285

    Epson R285

    Epson have been busy churning out new printers again so I’ve recently acquired an R285 (the UK version of the R290/R280) and checked it out with a view to modifying it.

    Unfortunately as one of the newer printers, the R285 has been made harder to reset (ie: the IPR_A10 utility will not work with it). So, with all this in mind I’ve created a new R285 instruction set for fitting a waste ink kit and resetting the protection counter on this printer.

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  • After a bit more digging it was possible to get hold of an IPR (Ink Pad Reset) utility for the RX680 which is one of the newer printers that hasn’t been covered by the older A10 IPR.

    Unfortunately the news on this is not good…

    Epson have obviously decided that the consumer need even greater protection from themselves when it comes to waste ink pads and have adopted an activation strategy which you would expect in situations where software piracy was an issue, not someone wishing to service their own printer.

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  • Epson, General 13.03.2009 No Comments

    With a couple of third party modification instructions already around it became clear that they all left out a couple of key steps in releasing and removing the top cover. Net result has been the creation of a completely new set..

    You can find the new instruction set, complete with pictures for each stage just click here

  • With a bit of work the waste ink mod instructions for the Stylus Photo 1400 have been updated and added to the site

    fig #4

    Epson Stylus Photo 1400

    The Epson 1400 printer seems to be incredibly similar to the R2400 and R1800 in terms of case and waste ink design with one important difference. Instead of utilising two waste tubes this printer has only one.

    This guide provides greater detail on how to get the tube to the outside with minimal modification to the printer case.

    This guide also covers the 1410 and 1390 models which are essentially the same printer for different trade zones.

  • Recently I had a query from an Epson customer in Italy, asking about waste ink kits for the relatively new PX800FW which translates to Photo, Multifunction, Fax + Wireless for the uninitiated.

    Upshot of the conversation was that I hadn’t seen one of these printers so I couldn’t offer much help but if they wanted to go digging… Great!

    The point where you realise you’ve unleashed a monster is always fun!

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