• This article has been a long time coming as I frequently get asked about this issue for various built-in CIS systems on Epson inkjet printers (see the list at the end).


    The problem most printer owners experience is what they perceive to be a “clog” where the ink is not reaching the page or has inconsistent nozzle checks. Use of printhead cleaning solutions and/or cleaning cartridges provides little if any results but the solution gets used up and checking any external waste ink tank shows that ink is being pulled through the system. Read more…

  • This was my first video guide attempt and while a bit shorter features my arm getting in the way at a rather unfortunate moment… Hopefully not annoying but hey, lessons learned 🙂


    The guide itself shows you how to install a Solo+ waste kit to the Epson Stylus DX4400 with minimal fuss while providing a few tips on what to look out for while you’re installing

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  • Epson 17.10.2009 No Comments

    With the baby due any day now I decided to get some more work done while I still could so I’m happy to announce the addition of the D92 waste ink modification guide

    This guide also covers a LOT of other printers available in Russia, Asia and elsewhere, specifically these models:

    • C79
    • C90, C91, C92
    • D78
    • D92
    • S20, S21
    • T10, T11
    • T20, T21, T23, T26, T27

    Resetters are available for many of these models and I suspect many will be compatible with the C90 resetter so if anyone has these models and is will to try, please let me know if you have any success

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  • Two new (one updated) modification guides have now gone on-line, on the OctoInkjet site. So, if you have any of the printers below you can now get them fitted with an external waste kit and reset them too

    There’s still some resources pending including the RX680, RX685, RX690, and the R1900 so those will go online sometime next week, once I’ve resolved a few issues with image quality

    Update: You may have noted I managed to sneak in the RX680-RX690 guide tonight too… The man is just smokin’ hot today I tell ya 🙂

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  • I’ve been wanting to post this message for a VERY long time now so it’s a real sense of achievement and relief that I can unveil a new tool for locating detailed mod, waste ink and reset utility information for most (if not all) Epson Inkjet printers.

    The Tool

    This link will take you to the tool directly
    QuickFind Tool

    What Does it Provide

    The new tool allows you to locate the key “waste ink” information relating to your printer, specifically:

    1. Instructions for modifying your printer (if they exist)
    2. A waste counter reset utility (if available)
    3. Compatible waste kits
    4. Even the sales zone the printer came from

    The tool can now be found on its own page complete with introductory information and a guide on how to interpret the information it provides.

    Read more…

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  • Inside the Workforce 600

    Inside the Workforce 600

    The Workforce 600 or BX600FW business inkjet printer has a few new tricks up its sleeve which don’t make fitting an external waste tank impossible but certainly indicate that Epson is taking waste ink issues a bit more seriously.

    Read on to find out a bit more about the tube shield in this double waste tube printer

    Produced with thanks to Carl Baxter for helping provide images of this printer model

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  • 05 - holder plate released

    Pad Holder released

    This guide has been written and waiting for a few weeks now but due to a couple of potentially large “unknowns” I held off on it until now.

    The Artisan 800 or TX800FW is one of Epsons newest multifunction printers and with a new design has come a new approach to the waste ink pads

    This guide shows how Epson have opted for a much simpler service approach for waste pads so whilst this guide is provided for anyone who may want to try modifying their printer, it may actually be more cost effective and cheaper to get this model serviced.

    To see how this “Beta” modification can be done and see how this printer differs from the others, read on

  • Waste ink kits and modifications will help you keep your printer running more smoothly but unless you have a reset utility to deal with the waste-ink or protection counter your printer will remain a brick.

    With this in mind I have been spending an inordinate amount of time looking for reset utilities, especially for the newer Epson inkjet printers. Some of the information I’ve developed is disheartening, while other intel’ causes outright concern, so it seemed appropriate to provide an update on what’s out there.

    Read more…

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  • The trick to using Epsons adjustment utilities in Vista is apparently incredibly simple so just to share the solution.

    1. Download the Adjustment utility as you would normally and set your systems date/time as required by the instructions
    2. Right click on the “Adjprog” and select “Properties
    3. Choose “compatibility” and select “windows xp“.
    4. Find and select “Run as Administrator” (if you have this option)
    5. Click OK at the bottom

    You then follow the instructions as normal to complete the waste counter reset.
    Ref: http://www.fixyourownprinter.com/forums/printer/57513#7

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  • Epson R285

    Epson R285

    Epson have been busy churning out new printers again so I’ve recently acquired an R285 (the UK version of the R290/R280) and checked it out with a view to modifying it.

    Unfortunately as one of the newer printers, the R285 has been made harder to reset (ie: the IPR_A10 utility will not work with it). So, with all this in mind I’ve created a new R285 instruction set for fitting a waste ink kit and resetting the protection counter on this printer.

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