• IPR - Ink Pad Reset 13.11.2009

    Over the past few months there’s been a slow increase in the number of complaints and gripes about the fact that the only way to reset many of the newest printer models is to purchase the official adjustment utilities from stores like 2manuals.com or via one or two sites based in South America

    The biggest complaint has been in relation to the way that the software has been locked down to specific computer hardware and a few people have hit problems when one or more components failed and had to be replaced. Usually this means the reset utility will no longer work…

    To be honest I predicted this a long time ago but it seems that finally one or two people got fed up, and have now started releasing “hacked” or “unlocked” versions of the adjustment utilities that work on all Windows machines.

    It remains to be seen if the original author of the protected utilities will respond with a different approach but for now at least it seems many printers can now be reset without having to pay


    Worth noting that even though some of the resetters are appearing freely available, that the supply still relies on folks purchasing, leaking or simply releasing these reset utilities to the net in general. If no-one does that then the supply will dry up completely so whilst $50 or even $70 is a large chunk of money it may be necessary to pay sometimes to ensure a copy becomes available in the first place.

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