• Epson Intel 03.09.2012

    Printer Potty

    If, like me you’ve ever tried to explain the concept of a waste ink kit and you have experienced the joys of babies and small children, then you’ll probably have found yourself describing printer waste pads in terms of nappies.

    Well, I was doing the exact same thing for ages before I hit on the idea of branding the OctoInkjet waste ink kits as something a bit unique…

    It’s already proved as something of a hit with customers both new and old and does tend to cut down on the time needed to describe the concept especially as it tends to get your attention right away…

    Ok, so instead of changing your printers nappy (diaper) you just potty train the thing with this…

    *cue: double take from customer*

    So, anyway, it’s official the trademark is now registered, the branding is going on all kits and I’m making inroads on new kit designs for newer printers that have appeared in the last 6 months.

    Tell your friends, family, or the bloke who washes your windows… We even have video

    Posted by Martin @ 10:02

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