• I’ve been wanting to post this message for a VERY long time now so it’s a real sense of achievement and relief that I can unveil a new tool for locating detailed mod, waste ink and reset utility information for most (if not all) Epson Inkjet printers.

    The Tool

    This link will take you to the tool directly
    QuickFind Tool

    What Does it Provide

    The new tool allows you to locate the key “waste ink” information relating to your printer, specifically:

    1. Instructions for modifying your printer (if they exist)
    2. A waste counter reset utility (if available)
    3. Compatible waste kits
    4. Even the sales zone the printer came from

    The tool can now be found on its own page complete with introductory information and a guide on how to interpret the information it provides.

    Detailed Result (Version #2)

    Detailed Result (Version #2)

    Some information has been limited to OctoInkjet customers although this is only a small subset and intended primarily to thwart content thieves. That said, it still saves you a LOT of legwork.

    There is also a more basic OctoInkjet QuickFind reference table

    Updates & Improvements

    Version #3 Update

    The latest update has resolved a number of problems reported by users. There is now

    1. a simple introduction to the issues around waste ink
    2. what you need to resolve those issues
    3. how the tools helps you do this
    4. and, of course, the tool itself

    The main change is that the tool no longer appears on every page but instead has its own section so it’s provided within a sensible context.

    Version #2 is already available

    The benefits to customers should be immediately obvious but in particular this tool has been built to make maintaining it as simple as humanly possible. So, I can spend more time developing new guides and resources instead of answering queries about which kit does what…

    The tool also provides me with the ability to identify printers that share generic characteristics so I don’t duplicate guides for printers that share the same chassis, etc…

    In short… I love it already! 🙂

    The Limitations

    Whilst I would like to provide this information without limitation, issues such as content theft have made it necessary to protect what amounts to months of painstaking research and data collection. It is for this reason that some of the detailed data is only available to genuine OctoInkjet customers and/or resellers.

    However, if you have any specific queries then please do contact me as normal via the contact me form and I’ll do all I can to answer your questions.

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