• General 21.06.2009

    This request crops up a lot from people who want to use an adjustment utility that requires you to change the date on your computer to fool the utility into letting you use it

    Tip: Remember to make a note of the current date before you start so you can return the date to today when you have finished

    1. Click on the Control panel from the Start menu.
    2. Go to “Clock, Language and Region.”
    3. Click “Date and Time.”
    4. Click the “Date and Time” tab and then “Change Date and Time.” Enter your password if prompted to do so.
    5. Double-click the hour. Click the up or down arrows to set the correct hour, or type it manually.
    6. Double-click the minutes. Use the up or down arrows to set the correct number of minutes after the hour, or type it manually.
    7. Select the correct month from the dropdown menu on the calendar to the left of the clock.
    8. Click the correct date on the calendar.
    9. Set the correct year by using the up or down arrows next to the box with a year in it.
    10. Click “OK” when you have finished setting the date and time.

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