• Epson Intel 22.11.2012

    It seems Watchdog Daily did a report recently on the “Service Required” problem relating an Epson Photo 1400.

    You can see the report on iPlayer (in the UK) until it expires here:
    Watchdog Daily Ep 6
    [Start point 30:24]

    Unfortunately the Watchdog report went into no detail and stuck with technical jargon designed to confuse. Obviously very frustrating it wasn’t given greater depth but I’d imagine they can’t recommend third party services and the legal backsides have to be covered. However there is a brief moment where this blog actually appears as a browser tab [timeline: 31:40].

    So, if you’ve arrived here because you yourself have done some additional research, this problem is solveable without needing to go to a reporter, or even Epson to pay £100+ (or even, £90 if you get a “deal”).

    The Photo 1400 is covered in this article

    … and for other printers you can find resources, relevant solutions and more besides using the OctoInjket Quickfind tool.

    I wonder if anyone else will do a proper report on the issues and dig deeper… If you do, you know were to find me.

    Posted by Martin @ 13:10

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