• It never fails to amaze me just how stupid some people are when it comes to the issue of the “Service Required” message on their printers. Yes, that’s right, I just called quite a few people reading this stupid… would you like me to spell it for you?…

    The reason I say this is not because your IQ has suddenly disappeared into a vacuum, nor has your ability to discern the North Star in the middle of a hail storm disappeared… No? No!… The reason I say this is because a large proportion of you reading this article believe it is perfectly acceptable to reset a printers waste ink counter and then forget about it

    Did the ink just up and walk off?

    Erm… Hello people! Resetting a couple of bits of data in a printers memory chip does not remove the ink Read more…

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  • A newer vidcap tutorial/guide is also available

    Epson Adjustment Utilities are notoriously complicated and about as user friendly as the small print for a pre-nup’. Well, let’s be honest they are not intended to be used by untrained end-users but some of the instructions provided with these things have left a LOT to be desired.

    Until now!

    I’ve realised that support requests relating to these utilities are increasing so I’ve finally managed to put together a screencast tutorial to fill the void.

    The new tutorial shows a detailed run through of the whole process including date changing, clearing a few tell tale folders/registry entries, etc… I’ve even included a few “DO NOT!” warnings too…

    Feel free to tweet, email or otherwise spread this link: http://bit.ly/Ko6Dm remembering to credit wasteink.co.uk please!… and if you have any feedback please let me know.. but no comments about the “Erms“, and “Ah’s“… This voice over stuff is not that easy!

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