• A newer vidcap tutorial/guide is also available

    Epson Adjustment Utilities are notoriously complicated and about as user friendly as the small print for a pre-nup’. Well, let’s be honest they are not intended to be used by untrained end-users but some of the instructions provided with these things have left a LOT to be desired.

    Until now!

    I’ve realised that support requests relating to these utilities are increasing so I’ve finally managed to put together a screencast tutorial to fill the void.

    The new tutorial shows a detailed run through of the whole process including date changing, clearing a few tell tale folders/registry entries, etc… I’ve even included a few “DO NOT!” warnings too…

    Feel free to tweet, email or otherwise spread this link: http://bit.ly/Ko6Dm remembering to credit wasteink.co.uk please!… and if you have any feedback please let me know.. but no comments about the “Erms“, and “Ah’s“… This voice over stuff is not that easy!

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    • thanks for your efforts on this. Very clear instructions and didn’t notice any significant erms and ahs fyi. My challenge now is applying this to my Epson tx800fw (otherwise called the Artisan 800 or I think PX800??), I also am on a Mac…
      I do have access to a PC but all my printer software was installed on the Mac. Any suggestions I would be eternally grateful for. I have only had this printer a couple of months, installed a waste ink kit to it so the pads are almost pristine so I know it is safe to reset. I just want to be able to print again…

      • You do like to make life difficult for yourself… 🙂

        Ok… The mac side of things is a no hoper. No utility has come out that has Mac compatibility so a PC is vital. As to the PX800FW (Artisan 800) that’s pending.. Your best bet will be the 2manuals approach, assuming they release a utility for it. All the inherent risks of profiling your computer with an unknown utility are there though. At the moment I’d ring around a few Espson service centers/techs and see if they’ll do the reset for you without changing the pads… Some will, some won’t.

        Best of luck

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