• The trick to using Epsons adjustment utilities in Vista is apparently incredibly simple so just to share the solution.

    1. Download the Adjustment utility as you would normally and set your systems date/time as required by the instructions
    2. Right click on the “Adjprog” and select “Properties
    3. Choose “compatibility” and select “windows xp“.
    4. Find and select “Run as Administrator” (if you have this option)
    5. Click OK at the bottom

    You then follow the instructions as normal to complete the waste counter reset.
    Ref: http://www.fixyourownprinter.com/forums/printer/57513#7

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    • After following all the instructions, I still get a message saying “error, you cannot run this program”. As soon as I try to run the program it shuts down and deletes all the unzipped files! Do you have any suggestions?

      • This error only ever appears if the date setting has not been set properly or you have lingering files in the C drive and/or registry that the utility looks for and errors on finding.
        In terms of the utility deleting itself, that is something that’s easily side stepped by ensuring you don’t leave the zipped version in the same folder that you extracted from.

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