• IPR - Ink Pad Reset 11.08.2009

    Unfortunately there’s no easy way to break this but the simple fact is that, at present, there are no reset utilities available that will work on Mac or Unix/Linux/*nix operating system.

    Mac compatible utility now available

    Due to some development work by 2manuals there is now a reset utility that is compatible with Mac operating systems called the iWIC

    This new utility appears to have all the same compatibility as the WICReset (windows) utility although that’s currently unconfirmed.

    Click the appropriate link for more information about the iWIC and WICReset/iWIC key purchasing

    Epson have been promising that they are looking at developing their own utility for the Mac (in North America only) but I suspect, given the foot dragging regarding utilities for anything less than 18 months old, this will probably not happen.

    Epson have made it quite clear, by their actions, that they have no interest in increasing the life of their printer products by providing such utilities on a wider scale so I really wouldn’t expect anything either now, or in the future.

    Of course, you never can tell so if something/anything is ever released I will post it on the wasteink.co.uk site…

    Other Work-arounds?

    The only known work-arounds at present are to borrow, find or buy a cheap/free windows machine such as an old, dead battery laptop and keep this around so you can run the SSC utility or similar to reset your printer.

    In many cases this approach is one I’m now recommending for Windows customers who are looking to purchase a machine locked version of the newer Epson Adjustment utilities.

    It’s a pain but with many 5+ year old machines now clogging landfills, or recycling bins, you should be able to find something suitable.

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