• The R800 is a relatively difficult design to gain access to the waste ink tubes but this guide includes a number of steps left out of other resources.

    Releasing & Removing the Case Top


    Release back panel

    1. Remove the three (3) screws from the back of the printer and remove the part that these screws hold in place.


    Remove 3 more screws inside

    2. Three (3) more screws need removing on the inside of the printer at the front.
    Nothing else needs removing just yet.


    Remove side screws

    3. Now find the screws in either side of the case at the back. These screws will have been exposed when you removed the plastic back cover.


    Start lifting the top

    4. Carefully slide your screwdriver behind the tab that you’ve just unscrewed while levering up the side of the printer case.

    You may find that the case has been super glued in places as shown by the discoloration on the picture (left)


    Release rear tabs

    5. Before you force the case top too far off you will also need to release the tabs on the rear by pushing a thin screwdriver through the slots either side at the back (as indicated by the arrow in the picture – left).


    Release front tabs

    6. The last tabs to release use the slots in the base (see picture left).

    You need to slide a thin flat head screwdriver in at a shallow angle to get the blade under the tab and then carefully rotate to push the tab down (towards the back) and release the lid.

    You will need to gently push the lid back and up to release it properly.


    Release flat cable

    7. The final step to remove the top case is to release the flat white cable (as shown left). This is connected to the button panel in the top case so you need to release it while you work on the waste tubes.

    Tip: Make sure you remember which way round the cable goes in for when you put it all together again!

    The Waste Tubes

    This is the easy bit… so if you’ve got this far, you can take a breath and relax then get on to fitting the actual kit.


    Voila, the waste tubes

    8.The waste ink tubes are located in the right front part of the printer and this is what you should see.


    Prep' the kit tubing

    9. In order to get the tubes into the printer, ready for connection, you need to take the connectors off the end (as shown – left)

    10. Thread these up through the slot in the right base (the one you used to release the front tab) and then put the connectors back in place.

    On the original waste tubes, gently pinch the metal butterfly clamp together and slide it back along the tube. Repeat for the other tube.


    Connect tubing together

    11. Gently pull the tubes back off the mounted tubes until they’ve slid off completely then push the open ends onto the connectors from your waste ink kit.

    It is important to make sure that you don’t crimp or fold the tubes so as you join them together, please take care.


    Remove slack in tubing

    12. With the tubes all joined together you now gently pull the kit tube out to take up the slack until they look like the picture (left).

    You should find that the tubes can exit out the bottom without crimping or folding.

    With this step completed you now need to reverse the first section of the process and get the printer case top section back on.


    Remember to reconnect

    13. Remember to re-attach this cable properly before you do anything else or you’ll be taking it all apart again.

    Otherwise reverse the process with the exception of releasing the tabs as these will just click back into place.

    Resetting the Protection/Waste-ink Counter

    Obviously you still need to reset the protection counter if you haven’t already so for this you can use one of these tools:

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