• It never fails to amaze me just how stupid some people are when it comes to the issue of the “Service Required” message on their printers. Yes, that’s right, I just called quite a few people reading this stupid… would you like me to spell it for you?…

    The reason I say this is not because your IQ has suddenly disappeared into a vacuum, nor has your ability to discern the North Star in the middle of a hail storm disappeared… No? No!… The reason I say this is because a large proportion of you reading this article believe it is perfectly acceptable to reset a printers waste ink counter and then forget about it

    Did the ink just up and walk off?

    Erm… Hello people! Resetting a couple of bits of data in a printers memory chip does not remove the ink Read more…

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    C’mon, admit it… You’ve had a printer for over 9 months now and it’s looking a little tired and scratched. The shiny exterior has lost the sparkle and there’s even a coffee cup stain on the lid. But what’s this? You’ve just seen the latest model from Canon or Epson, or whoever and wow! It’s got like an LCD screen on it, touch controls and the cartridges are cheaper than your current model…

    Usually at this point you get a sort of dream sequence of you dancing through a meadow, hand in hand with your new printer while it makes you a cup of fresh coffee and…


    Yes, it’s a dream… A lousy pipe dream, and here’s a few reasons why that all singing, all dancing printer you saw may not be better after all


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  • It’s been a while since I had a chance to sit and spend 5 minutes thinking, much less write about the situation with Ink Pad Reset (IPR) tools, but, here at last is a summary of the current situation.

    ? New to the topic of Waste ink counters, Service required or Ink Pad Resets ?
    You might want to read this article to get an introduction to these core issues before you catch up on the latest developments detailed below

    New printers, New protection

    Last year started with the PX700W, Artisan 800 and similar printers appearing and with them came the realisation that these printers waste counters could only be reset using specific adjustment utilities. Unfortunately it soon became clear that such a utility was going to cost you $50+ and couldn’t be shared.

    A few months later a new ‘volunteer’ appeared on the net with the ability to remove the protection restricting these utilities. Unfortunately there was some confusion caused by unlocked adjustment utilities being reported as infected/malware. Once that was cleared up, OrTHoTaMiNe, became synonymous with SSC for anyone with that generation of printers.

    Next generation protection

    Sadly, since then it seems that someone in the Epson camp has been paying more attention to the grey market of adjustment utilities.

    Read more…

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    It seems that having a baby, especially your first, really takes up a lot of your time so the Waste Ink-lings have been few and far between..


    There’s been quite a few developments over the past few months, especially when it comes to the accessibility of suitable reset utilities. It seems Epson are now treating waste counter resets in the same way they treat consumables. Not good news…

    I’ll be blogging about this, as well as adding guides for the P50, B40W, R1900 and a much improved QuickFind tool (via OctoInkjet)… So, watch this space

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    A small problem with a security update pretty much disabled the site for roughly 12 hours but it’s now fixed so apologies for anyone desperate to get to the site articles, we’re now back up and running again.

  • As with Vista, Windows 7 will not run most adjustment utilities without some help.

    This approach is currently untested as my Win7 machine is currently down for repair but hopefully it will prove useful and work…

    Compatibility Mode – Windows 7

    Note: In most cases you will want to run the program in Windows XP SP2 or SP3 mode

    If anyone manages to successfully use their adjustment utility/utilities on Windows 7 using this or another approach please do post a comment with any tips

    I will update this guide once my own Win7 machine is back up and working

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  • Over the past few months there’s been a slow increase in the number of complaints and gripes about the fact that the only way to reset many of the newest printer models is to purchase the official adjustment utilities from stores like 2manuals.com or via one or two sites based in South America

    The biggest complaint has been in relation to the way that the software has been locked down to specific computer hardware and a few people have hit problems when one or more components failed and had to be replaced. Usually this means the reset utility will no longer work…

    Read more…

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  • I had an object lesson and reminder about software security today when someone posted up a series of links to adjustment utilities for printers that a lot of you are looking for (ie: TX100, TX200, TX400, T10).

    A post on the SSCLG forum (the authors of the SSC utility) promised a number of “hacked” utilities that bypass the security built into the newer adjustment utilities for printers like the RX690 or T30.

    Read more…

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  • Epson 17.10.2009 No Comments

    With the baby due any day now I decided to get some more work done while I still could so I’m happy to announce the addition of the D92 waste ink modification guide

    This guide also covers a LOT of other printers available in Russia, Asia and elsewhere, specifically these models:

    • C79
    • C90, C91, C92
    • D78
    • D92
    • S20, S21
    • T10, T11
    • T20, T21, T23, T26, T27

    Resetters are available for many of these models and I suspect many will be compatible with the C90 resetter so if anyone has these models and is will to try, please let me know if you have any success

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    I discovered to my horror that the QuickFind tool on OctoInkjet was broken by some updates and upgrades I applied to the code over Sunday and Monday.

    I’ve now figured out what I did wrong and why I didn’t notice sooner so it should be working properly now

    Apologies for the SNAFU, but it seems the words “update” or “upgrade” seem to mean “break me” some days and this was no exception.

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