• Following a bit of a step back from the usual photo + text installation guides the value of video “How to” guides has been impressed upon me so here’s the second in a series of guides


    Unlike the DX4400 video (which was video 1), the P50 waste tube is attached to a plastic nipple which in turn is part of a solid internal tank type arrangement. Removing the tube from the nipple is a bit more involved but this video covers the process as well as how to modify the trapdoor and a few gotcha’s to watch out for.

    Constructive feedback welcome so I can improve on the next version

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  • Epson R285

    Epson R285

    Epson have been busy churning out new printers again so I’ve recently acquired an R285 (the UK version of the R290/R280) and checked it out with a view to modifying it.

    Unfortunately as one of the newer printers, the R285 has been made harder to reset (ie: the IPR_A10 utility will not work with it). So, with all this in mind I’ve created a new R285 instruction set for fitting a waste ink kit and resetting the protection counter on this printer.

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