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    For anyone who wasn’t frantically texting, tweeting or emailing us and who doesn’t listen to Radio 2, you’ll have missed that there was a feature on the Jeremy Vine show that was about printers.

    Unfortunately, it was a bit of a fluff piece that appeared to be more about filling airtime rather than dealing with some real issues. There were the standard myths about why compatible ink is bad, how frustrating printers are, etc… but they also gave out some “interesting” advice, so let’s start with that one point that really stood out first…

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  • This was my first video guide attempt and while a bit shorter features my arm getting in the way at a rather unfortunate moment… Hopefully not annoying but hey, lessons learned 🙂


    The guide itself shows you how to install a Solo+ waste kit to the Epson Stylus DX4400 with minimal fuss while providing a few tips on what to look out for while you’re installing

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  • Following a bit of a step back from the usual photo + text installation guides the value of video “How to” guides has been impressed upon me so here’s the second in a series of guides


    Unlike the DX4400 video (which was video 1), the P50 waste tube is attached to a plastic nipple which in turn is part of a solid internal tank type arrangement. Removing the tube from the nipple is a bit more involved but this video covers the process as well as how to modify the trapdoor and a few gotcha’s to watch out for.

    Constructive feedback welcome so I can improve on the next version

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    With the baby due any day now I decided to get some more work done while I still could so I’m happy to announce the addition of the D92 waste ink modification guide

    This guide also covers a LOT of other printers available in Russia, Asia and elsewhere, specifically these models:

    • C79
    • C90, C91, C92
    • D78
    • D92
    • S20, S21
    • T10, T11
    • T20, T21, T23, T26, T27

    Resetters are available for many of these models and I suspect many will be compatible with the C90 resetter so if anyone has these models and is will to try, please let me know if you have any success

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    What you find behind the trapdoor

    What you find behind the trapdoor

    The Epson RX700 seems to have been one of those experimental projects where Epson decided to put a lot of the technology and design features, normally found in a bigger printer, in a multifunctional unit.

    Thanks to Bernard Mas, of Go Micro in France, I was able to avoid the error of assumption, and can now add this long overdue guide on how to modify this somewhat unique printer

    Despite some quirks the task of installing an external waste ink system is much the same as other double waste tube printers so here’s how it’s done

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  • Recently I had a query from an Epson customer in Italy, asking about waste ink kits for the relatively new PX800FW which translates to Photo, Multifunction, Fax + Wireless for the uninitiated.

    Upshot of the conversation was that I hadn’t seen one of these printers so I couldn’t offer much help but if they wanted to go digging… Great!

    The point where you realise you’ve unleashed a monster is always fun!

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