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    Recently I had a query from an Epson customer in Italy, asking about waste ink kits for the relatively new PX800FW which translates to Photo, Multifunction, Fax + Wireless for the uninitiated.

    Upshot of the conversation was that I hadn’t seen one of these printers so I couldn’t offer much help but if they wanted to go digging… Great!

    The point where you realise you’ve unleashed a monster is always fun!

    Anyway… Away they went on a voyage of discovery, with photos coming in thick and fast until, after about 24 hours they decided to go for broke. Thus it was discovered that the PX800FW has a removable plate, above which lives an easy to remove (and service) waste pad assembly.

    PX800FW waste ink pads - easy access

    The words at this point are WOW!, Brilliant!, and “About ruddy time!

    Obviously this is a new discovery for me and, as a result, it’s hard to say which other printers have this design feature too, but I’d imagine the PX700W is a good contender and maybe the SX/BX600FW. It certainly calls for a bit of further investigation down at the local computer store.

    With thanks to Andrea Sapienza for the info

    As always I’d welcome information on new printer models, like this, so please keep it coming… (Pictures always welcome!).

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    • Just came across this post, my problem exactly…
      How can I get hold of the photos for this service?
      I don’t want to rip the printer completely apart if you have photos for the service already…

      Many thanks


    • Hi Tim,

      If you have the PX800FW then the photos are pending as I’m waiting on the final process. What’s lacking completely though is any form of reset utility. Nothing that new has been released yet although you might be able to get a service centre to reset the printer for you at minimal cost if the waste ink pads aren’t actually full.

      For further discussion on this though could you register and post on this forum: http://www.continuousink.info/forum/viewforum.php?f=33 as that’s easier in terms of discussions.


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