• An example of whats on offer

    AdjUtil TX200

    Not too long ago I wrote an article regarding reset utilities and as part of that I mentioned a potential new “for a price” source of dubious origin.

    Well, while it’s perhaps a welcome development, it seems that 2manuals.com have managed to broker some kind of deal with this source as they are now offering the same type of deal except by Credit card

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  • Waste ink kits and modifications will help you keep your printer running more smoothly but unless you have a reset utility to deal with the waste-ink or protection counter your printer will remain a brick.

    With this in mind I have been spending an inordinate amount of time looking for reset utilities, especially for the newer Epson inkjet printers. Some of the information I’ve developed is disheartening, while other intel’ causes outright concern, so it seemed appropriate to provide an update on what’s out there.

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  • The trick to using Epsons adjustment utilities in Vista is apparently incredibly simple so just to share the solution.

    1. Download the Adjustment utility as you would normally and set your systems date/time as required by the instructions
    2. Right click on the “Adjprog” and select “Properties
    3. Choose “compatibility” and select “windows xp“.
    4. Find and select “Run as Administrator” (if you have this option)
    5. Click OK at the bottom

    You then follow the instructions as normal to complete the waste counter reset.
    Ref: http://www.fixyourownprinter.com/forums/printer/57513#7

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  • Epson R285

    Epson R285

    Epson have been busy churning out new printers again so I’ve recently acquired an R285 (the UK version of the R290/R280) and checked it out with a view to modifying it.

    Unfortunately as one of the newer printers, the R285 has been made harder to reset (ie: the IPR_A10 utility will not work with it). So, with all this in mind I’ve created a new R285 instruction set for fitting a waste ink kit and resetting the protection counter on this printer.

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  • After a bit more digging it was possible to get hold of an IPR (Ink Pad Reset) utility for the RX680 which is one of the newer printers that hasn’t been covered by the older A10 IPR.

    Unfortunately the news on this is not good…

    Epson have obviously decided that the consumer need even greater protection from themselves when it comes to waste ink pads and have adopted an activation strategy which you would expect in situations where software piracy was an issue, not someone wishing to service their own printer.

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  • After a fair bit of work I’ve been able to examine a copy of the official reset utility from Epson that has only been available in the USA and Canada.

    For reasons best known to the corporate moguls on this side of the Atlantic, the utility has not been provided in Europe or elsewhere in the world and as such the printers that this utility works with is limited to those with North American model numbers. The good news is that there are some commonalities such as the Stylus Photo 1400, or the RX700 but those with a D, DX model printer will be out of luck for now.

    The models supported are:

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