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    With a couple of third party modification instructions already around it became clear that they all left out a couple of key steps in releasing and removing the top cover. Net result has been the creation of a completely new set..

    You can find the new instruction set, complete with pictures for each stage just click here

  • With a bit of work the waste ink mod instructions for the Stylus Photo 1400 have been updated and added to the site

    fig #4

    Epson Stylus Photo 1400

    The Epson 1400 printer seems to be incredibly similar to the R2400 and R1800 in terms of case and waste ink design with one important difference. Instead of utilising two waste tubes this printer has only one.

    This guide provides greater detail on how to get the tube to the outside with minimal modification to the printer case.

    This guide also covers the 1410 and 1390 models which are essentially the same printer for different trade zones.

  • Recently I had a query from an Epson customer in Italy, asking about waste ink kits for the relatively new PX800FW which translates to Photo, Multifunction, Fax + Wireless for the uninitiated.

    Upshot of the conversation was that I hadn’t seen one of these printers so I couldn’t offer much help but if they wanted to go digging… Great!

    The point where you realise you’ve unleashed a monster is always fun!

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  • After a fair bit of work I’ve been able to examine a copy of the official reset utility from Epson that has only been available in the USA and Canada.

    For reasons best known to the corporate moguls on this side of the Atlantic, the utility has not been provided in Europe or elsewhere in the world and as such the printers that this utility works with is limited to those with North American model numbers. The good news is that there are some commonalities such as the Stylus Photo 1400, or the RX700 but those with a D, DX model printer will be out of luck for now.

    The models supported are:

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  • After a bit of work and some digging I’ve been able to add the waste ink kit installation instructions for the RX420. Along the way I’ve also been able to identify a number of other printers that use the same case design and waste tube pathway.

    This guide now covers installation for these models:
    – RX420, RX425, RX430
    – CX3500, CX3600 CX3650 CX4500, CX4600

    It’s likely that there are a number of DX printers that will also use the same approach but as yet I can’t confirm or deny.

  • A new set of instructions have been provided for installing an external waste ink tank to the Epson Stylus Pro 2100/2200 printer models.

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    Introducing you to the world of waste ink the way most people find it…

    The hard way!

    There you are, your assignment needs to be in tomorrow and now, 3 days, 6 hours and 5 gallons of coffee later, you’re finally ready to get this thing on paper. You hit print and wait as your trusty printer clicks and whirs into life as you start to relax, knowing you’re all done…

    … but wait, what’s this? Service required? – parts inside your printer have reached the end of their service life?

    Usually the screams of despair don’t die out for a good few minutes but when they do, the reality sinks in, that no matter what you do, your printer won’t be printing for a while.